The Internet is all around us; it has become part of our daily life. Trouble with Internet that lasts a couple of days will cause stressful situations, and no matter how wonderful an Internet-free holiday can be, it sometimes leaves you feeling unconnected to the rest of the world. At work, people often spend whole days behind their computer and many educational materials and other information which I need for my studies are only provided digitally. Although the Internet is a very useful and handy tool, it also causes an information overload. There is no longer the need to memorize anything, everything can be looked up again and I think that it makes people lazy, they start to learn and think in a different way and maybe they even interact differently. A life without the Internet would bring people closer together once more, through direct communication. Without the Internet we would look around us more often instead of at our screen, and we will become more aware of our surroundings.
The Internet is such an integral part of the western world that it is has become almost indispensable, whether that makes you happy or not. What worries me is that computers are given to people from other cultures, like the Papuans. We let them think that they will ‘benefit’ from it, but computers will add nothing to their culture. They may even cause cultural deterioration.