The Internet affects my daily life tremendously; I could not exercise my profession without Internet. I’ll always get happy to know all the trivia and funny things that I “discover” over the Internet. Meanwhile we also have a digital school board with which you can give super fun lessons. Also, my private life is intertwined with Internet. Sometimes I don’t think it saves me so much time as it seems. That it’s a phantom-idea that it will save time.

My life without Internet would be a lot “smaller”. Looking up all sorts of things, ordering train and exhibitions tickets by myself, rapidly over the Internet. I can order things at the oddest times. It remains partly very efficient for me very.
For older people, I think this is a disastrous state.
Take a look at postparels.nl. This connects with your idea about letters. It’s from a girl who graduated last year at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

A letter by mail is still a small present for me. Cuter than email.