If I didn’t have a computer, I would write on a typewriter, telling stories from a dusty attic, stories that may never get published and would be doomed to loneliness. I would be surrounded by piles of paper, blank paper, with failed doodles, paper with carefully typed text and paper on which all kinds of ideas would be scribbled down.

If I didn’t have a computer, my house would be cleaner. This is something I will admit quite honestly. I would pay more attention to home decoration, in absence of distractions like e-mail, social media, news websites and all sorts of silly, but very funny, movies. I would wash my windows more often, or at least ones, I would learn how to use a sewing machine and how to knit. I would learn all sorts of things that people used to do. I would learn them and have fun.

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If I didn’t have a computer, I would call more. Without a computer you cannot send that one friend that lives far away, an email, Facebook message or start Skype … and your business contacts, just try to call each one of them all the time! No, you would send handwritten letters and it would take days before you would get your answer. And if you were on the phone, you couldn’t just do something else simultaneously, as you can do with a computer. Now, that one aunt who thought it would be nice to call you every week for a whole hour would actually be calling you every week for a whole hour. Life would be a lot more expensive and slower because of the telephone. I never use that thing now, except to use the Internet. But, no computer is no Internet.

If I didn’t have a computer, life would be much more expensive because I would have to print all my photo’s to see if one of them was beautiful and I would have to create physical photo albums. Now they are all on a harddrive collecting dust, that’s different from collecting dust on the attic in a photo album, right? Maybe I would actually look at these photo albums, instead, now I would check facebook and other people’s photos online. The nostalgia of the past, that feeling, that sense of history, would be much greater if I didn’t have a computer because you are confronted with it more often. But mainly because the computer ‘forces’ us to multitask. It overloads us with stuff to do so that we always continue to focus on the here and now, or on the future but never on the past.

If I didn’t have a computer, I would have far fewer contacts. But, if I didn’t have a computer, the contact that I would have would be less superficial. From ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ to heartfelt discussions, something that is less suitable for online media. You would tell people a lot more and show much less, literally and figuratively. Life without a computer would be less volatile and would have more structure. Life would have more depth and would be easier, but at the same time with fewer opportunities and it would become needlessly complicated in some areas. Because the computer with its text editor and photoshop and Internet and all that other “junk” … is just so damn useful. Especially since I’m a lefty and now my letter is filled with ink stains.