Firstly, I think that too few people stop and think about the question whether we as humans benefit from the growing importance of computers and the Internet? The constant development can improve the quality of life, as long as we appreciate it. Often innovation is just for the sake of innovation and new technology is just for the sake of new technology. My work as an archivist was for a long time possible without technological innovation and internet, but today it sails more and more on a digital ship towards an analogue destination. Having a computer has a big impact on how I live my life. Looking up information, listening to music, socializing and doing groceries, the computer and the internet brings the physical world into a single monitor without a sense of space, time and distance. I find this universality suffocating and rushed, I have no smartphone or e-reader, but peace and paper. There is (almost) nothing new all this and a lot of archival principles are used in a modern twist such as an app or software.
Cool project, if I can help you with your archive; see my address (PTO).