I started using computers in 1981 (first MSX and Commandore and from 1985 a PC) At that time I was one of the pioneers. I learned to program (MS DOS and dBase) and was Product Specialist at Microsoft.
In 1996 I designed accounting software for a business and gave computer accounting courses.
From 1998 to 2012 I worked for a municipality: insurance management and internal control.
I’ve been using the internet since 1995.
Although I have had a Hyves account for a few years I have always been reluctant towards social media (I don’t use facebook or twitter) I use Internet mostly to mail, search information, study, etc. (e.g. Spanish and philosophy) When I am on vacation I use Skype regularly to keep up with my granddaughter. Since 2002 I use the internet more often because of my hiking hobby: Downloading hiking routes for my GPS, searching for public transport info or using Google Maps in places where I stay. (One laptop cannot close anymore because it will break the screen, but nonetheless it’s working just fine) I couldn’t live without a computer anymore and I expect this feeling will only increase as I get older and perhaps become less mobile.
I imagine that through my computer I can maintain in contact with the outside world and be kept informed of what is happening in the world. – Even if I have physical limitations.
Moreover, I’ve been corresponding with a Canadian since I was 14 years old. She has no computer / internet. We still communicate by mail!
So, luckily that’s still possible!