On one hand, I think that the computer and Internet represent a huge growth in the people’s ability to learn, produce, teach, experiment and share things. On the other side, there are no consistent policies to ensure access to everyone. The distribution of these resources, as all the others (housing, education, health etc.), remains very unequal. Furthermore, more and more companies are increasingly turning what could potentially be a anarchical sea of information in ways increasingly controlled, conditioned and directed through filters of “custom” searches, advertising based on user behaviour and so on.

The first time I saw a computer was at home, I was about 9 or 10 years old. I did not enjoy that black screen with green letters and the maximum of attention that contraption got of me was about 10 minutes testing a game in which a pixel kitten had to hunt some mice…
I spent all my adolescence completely oblivious to the computer. When I was 15 years old, finally my parents exchanged our computer for one with color screen and with a dial-up Internet connection. I got impressed with the possibility of entering sites, viewing photos, news, etc. But I did not know what else to do with it…

I rarely used email to communicate with my family and friends, I would rather, a thousand times, write letters. I did not feel comfortable writing in a computer screen, it seemed so unnatural to me. I had difficulties to memorize logins, passwords and frequently I had to use my sister email account because of that.

It was only in my second year in university that, due to research about Tatical Media, I started to engage more to the computer, to use it more constantly, to do research, to discover what those groups were doing that nobody around me knew about. Which were not in any books of the university library. At the same time, it bothered me that so many people did not have access to all this knowledge… It took some time to realise that the problem was not in the computer or Internet itself, but in the lack of political will to democratize and spread these technologies.
From that moment, my approach to digital technologies only increased. Today the computer and the internet are my work, a tool to keep in touch with my friends, to help others take advantage of these resources, to learn, of leisure, in short, my whole routine is entangled with it.