I’m from a generation without any computers, 1942. As you know I worked in the planning of transport. All the information was in my head, that was my computer. But in the following years things got automated and the computer came. I had to plan the transport and now also learn to work with a computer. All of this was very hard at my age. I often came home with a headache.
But with help of my colleagues who were much younger I learned quite quick. The computer had a lot of programs which automated work, for example, inputting the freight letters. But when I was 57 years old I suffered a stroke. Because of this I couldn’t do my work anymore and so I stopped working…and stopped using the computer. Everything in my brain was erased, sometimes I didn’t knew what I did before I the stroke, especially the work with the computer.
But in time everything in my brain healed. However the will to use a computer dropped to zero.
I saw my life completely change, just as the neurologist said: “you committed robbery on your own body, working from five in the morning till eight in the evening”, and sometimes even longer. But I enjoyed working and didn’t find this a problem. Because of the stroke I had to change my life and that worked out great. I have been fortunate to have the age that I can spend allot of time with my wife Annie and do fun stuff like: gardening, cycling, walking, go out and see new places which I enjoy. And that’s without the computer, which doesn’t interests me anymore. If I want to know anything, I tell Annie to look it up for my on the computer. Maybe if I couldn’t go outside as much as I wanted I would start to use the computer again. But it doesn’t look this way now. Jeroen good luck with everything.