So nice to receive your package in my mailbox! Immediately that’s an advantage of analogue life: people love real letters and packages, because it shows attention. All the contacts on Hyves and Facebook are casual and fast. We think that with 1 short post we maintain a friendship. People with over 100 “friends” on a social network should be distrusted ☺. It’s not possible. That’s one of the things that your project does for me: remind me that I must make time for others, to call them, send a card or meet them. Thank you!

What seems difficult to me is that society is already designed for digital life. So you will have to do extra effort to get information. This applies to business for school, but probably also for banking, phone bills or insurance. Everything works with e-mail and Internet. Not always a bad thing, because there is so less paper ‘wasted’. Although what is actually worse for the environment. All that energy that is needed to keep the digital world working…?

To get back to your question, my digital addiction: my laptop and my social networks. Effect (or cause?) of a busy life in which everything has to be fast.