You might say a life without a computer isn’t possible anymore. I think it’s very brave that you choose this phenomenon to explore and investigate. For older people like me it’s not that difficult to live without a computer. People my age didn’t grew up with those devices, unlike you. You grew up with the computer the same way we grew up with a pen, ‘small’ difference.

Working with computers will never become a really hobby of mine, even though I see the great benefits. I catch myself sometimes, behind (or should I say ‘in front’?), my computer just out of boredom or hoping that someone will surprise me with something nice. Meanwhile I’m too busy to waste my time and when I’m too busy I don’t always feel the need because I spend my whole day at work behind a computer screen. Of course I know what people your age can do with a computer and therefore I can imagine what it must be to get by without one. I also can imagine some kind of detox symptoms although I can’t imagine how those would manifest in daily life.

But to answer the question; I really can’t think of anything that I would deeply miss if I didn’t have a computer. What I would miss, but in a good sense, is the compulsion of working with a computer. People are already so used to it and everyone just expects you to digitally maintain your contacts. Even though I don’t feel like it. Well not for me. If I want something to be done on my computer, it will be by my initiative. (I think).

The computer has made life a lot faster and more on edge. When I think about the fact that at work I can be approached in so many ways; the telephone, email, chat and fax, it drives me crazy. Then there are people who take the trouble to come to my desk and the funny thing is that literally everyone is expected to be helped immediately. No wonder the term multi-tasking was invented.
I won’t be surprised if in a few years we think that we have a much better life with less computing and that the computer will be the cigarette of the future. Rather to do without but some can’t.

Sorry the printer is almost empty, luckily there are still ballpoints.