How does Internet influence my daily life?
My first thought is one of irritation, the fact that I don’t understand a lot of it. And I’m unable to learn to deal with it, with all these new kind of things that seem so obvious for young people.

5 years ago I bought my first computer, a so-called notebook and I followed a beginner’s course to use it. I can e-mail with friends, but sometimes, inexplicable things happen, such as a message that is never sent or suddenly disappears. I have therefore never used online-banking; I would not and could not dare to use it. I therefor still desire that my bank statements are printed and that I receive written confirmations. I receive messages from a union of which I’m a member and it’s nice to correspond with some friends and to have the possibility to quickly answer a question for them.
But I don’t know much more, for example, I don’t know how to attach a photo to an e-mail.

Since I am a weaver, I have bought a weaving program that my son has installed on the PC. The extensive readme text of the program is printed out so I can read it. This program is not intended to teach weaving, but to draw weaving techniques (similar to type graphs) and to manipulate and combine them. Despite my great knowledge of weaving techniques I barely manage to do anything with this program because of my lack of computer skills. I can use some things from the program, such as making a picture of a certain weaving technique.

I sometimes try to look up something on Google but that’s usually not a very big success. I assume that you don’t want hear everything I cannot do, but all in all it’s a frustrating picture. This immediately answers your question, how my life would be like without the Internet:
I would receive less information from organisations and people who act and think only in computer terms, I would call and write more, but I would also experience less frustration.

I hope I have answered your questions properly.