Influence of Internet:

– You get a poorer memory because of all the external memory capacity (smartphone, computer, tweet, FB) (see the book of Joshua Foer)
– Communication faster but more concise. Looked in my mailbox recently and in 2004 e-mails were like letters. Now unthinkable. Today, If you get presented with these long texts you think TL;DR -> attention span shorter, information overload?

People get less social. Think train. Who still sees that an older person is boarding, has difficulties with walking and urgently needs a seat? -> Too busy online telling how crowded the train is and so on.

– Distracts a lot!
So much to see and do that you sometimes “suddenly” have spent a few hours randomly clicking. A while back, a article was in I believe the NY Times, about the “Berlin effect” -> A lot of creative people come to Berlin to be creative and drivel about being creative, but there is only a small group that actually produces anything, simply because there is too much to do. The Internet has the same effect. So in my studio no Internet, just books 😉

– Innovation! By sharing information faster progress.

Without Internet:

– More time for creative activity.
Writing a letter, photographing, designing and so on.
Thoughts are organized in a different way and contacts are less shallow.
– Information is less accessible and so innovation happens less rapid.
– I might be less forgetful because I would need to remember more and so now I must already have forgotten innumerable things.

Greetings from Rotterdam