My Internet isn’t merely a tool anymore; it’s a world of its own. I can work, learn, argue, meet people and bluster on the Internet… I divide my time between the Netherlands, my native country, and the Internet.

Sometimes I walk in the Netherlands and I think about the Internet and vice versa. If I want to know something about a plant in the garden, I find it on the Internet. Some of my work can only be done on the Internet or the computer (not the same thing); other work can only be done on earthly land. Internet serves the head, earth servers the body? I certainly wouldn’t want to miss my virtual professor, nor could I live without touching… but the Internet is smart and soon, with the ‘glass’ or the ‘implants’ I won’t need to switch anymore.

If I can’t go to the Internet it’s like not being aloud to enter the country, a country of which I became a real citizen. I even have my own password! I feel the need to design a flag for the Internet… ☺ Who’s up for his?