I wish there were no computers. Life through a computer is not real life. And I’m way too much in this fake life. Because it’s addictive and this society really just tells me that I should be there. Everything is online now. Even the things that don’t belong there, such as friendship and love, it never ends, it just goes on and on.
Of course it’s also very useful. Everything is easier to find. I found a support group on the web where I could share my story. Because of this I had the courage to come out of the closet and at some point I dared to be myself.
But back to my hatred for PCs. I think handwriting is more fun and I like typewriters. Even though it isn’t as convenient and fast as MS Word. I think the feeling that you get sucked into a screen and suddenly hours have past really feels strange. A world without computers, I think it would be a much healthier and sociable world.