Well, I don’t have any access to the Internet. I think that these technologies in our day make us addicted and take out our privacy.
The Internet can be helpful if you know how to use it. Some people use to communicate to each other, even when they are in others countries, the scientists use to exchange information, but it also brings a lot of danger to our children. It is much easier for family members to expose themselves at Internet.

I think that most of us can have a good life without Internet access, especially the schools that could invest more in libraries. The children should be back to the old books and newspapers, and don’t take everything of the Internet.

All my friends call me an alien because I don’t have any electronic address, but I have a nice life without it.

I think that all these technologies are very good for scientists, medical researches and for well-informed people. But Internet can harm people who are not informed because they can be fooled on the Internet.

The Internet can help people to find questions as much as may help to find danger.