After having had breakfast and getting dressed, the first thing I do is turn on the computer and check the mail. After I’ve read everything and answered everybody it’s already 11:00 and in my opinion half of my day has past.
It takes a lot of time. Then I let him (the computer) stay on during the entire day until I go to bed. Even if I don’t work on the computer I still check my mail about four times a day. If someone doesn’t respond quickly enough I will get a little nervous.
To find information quickly “he” is perfect. I’m also in contact again with my mother’s family in Canada and with my cousins. The contact with my brother and sister who live in Spain goes to a great extent through the Internet. Although, when they visited me recently, we couldn’t stop talking… you can share so much more with each other if your face-to-face.
If I’m on vacation I think the very fact that I cannot read my mail can be lovely. It also gives a lot of calmness that I don’t have to answer my mail!