I use the internet a lot = to buy second-hand goods, to buy groceries and clothes and CDs through mail order, to keep in contact with friends, to stay up to date about cultural events, to store or transmit data, to do comparative research etc. etc. *

It is an ideal alternative for someone like me (introvert), who finds shopping in the city tiring, and likes to maintain contacts when it suits (me); for someone who wants to stay informed, but not by struggling with huge amounts of paper, and for someone who wants to spend her time rather on creative fiddling than on shopping.

Without Internet I would be able to do a lot less and especially the things I like to do. BUT there would be more calmness: more room for nothing. It would also be easier, possibly, to concentrate on something for longer than a few minutes.
Yet rather life with Internet than without: it is too much fun! And essential in a broader (worldly) context.

Important: I firmly believe that the Internet makes it impossible for wrong/tyrannical regimes to continue to suppress/cheat “the people”. Knowledge gives power. There is more transparency. More empowerment. Greater equality. Internet should remain.

(* Also online banking, travel books, gathering information, etc.)