Internet, I was just old enough to conscientiously witness it becoming available to everyone. We had a lot of Internet (time), over 100 hours per month, over the telephone line. Thinking back, that is peanuts. I now use the Internet daily and unlimited. You could say that I am more surprised if there is no Internet, than if there is.

I am aware of the generation gap between my father, who for instance misses the paper railway time-table and myself, who rather looks up the departure times with the most recent updates on the Internet. I cannot imagine my life without the Internet, whenever I want to look something up, Internet is my first port of call. There are things that I would not know where to look for without the Internet.

Via mail and Facebook I can immediately have contact with my friends, all over the world, I can listen to the latest music on YouTube, before it can be heard on the Dutch radio stations, I get the most updated news and I can find the most recent articles for my study.

But Internet also has its downsides; not receiving a greeting card or a letter from people that are travelling, but an impersonal mail or blog for everyone in one go. Relationships are dumbing down because you choose to send an e-mail instead of meeting up with someone.

Internet helps us to connect to the whole world, all the information you’re looking for is just a mouse-click away. You are more up-to-date with what your friends are doing.
I think that if the Internet would disappear, a lot of people would not know where they could find the information they need. But it would bring more tranquillity and people would go out more instead of being busy with just themselves, the Internet or their smartphone.