I can say that I use Internet a lot in my daily life. In addition to “maintaining” social contacts, I use it a lot for school and I have my own website. I often use Internet out of boredom when I think of it.
I spend lots of useless time going to www.nu.nl for example, or I take another look at Facebook or Twitter. While I hardly comment on other people’s messages or write something myself. I personally think that I should stop doing that but it’s already so deeply ingrained in my life.
Life without Internet would change a lot for me. I have the notion that I will have much more time and will spend it more useful. I even think that relationships become better and that you get to know people more because now a lot of daily conversations are related to Internet. E.g. talking about a funny video on Youtube, a message on Facebook or a particular news item. Life will change so much but I think it will certainly improve.