Internet is such a presence in my life that I get up with it and go to bed with it, in the morning when I wake up I check if I have new messages and emails or WhatsApp messages and in the evening when I go to bed I turn off Internet because otherwise the messages just keep coming.

My life without Internet wouldn’t be any different, at least outside, because I don’t have Internet outside. However at school I do have Internet and this makes searching for information easier and I communicate with fellow students, asking them where they are in the building. However, I can’t imagine a life without Internet, I do remember when I was little, I was allowed to use Internet for 15 minutes, for me this was completely new, now I could use MSN and I wouldn’t have to ride my bike to a classmate asking if he or she wants to come play outside.

Since this summer I have a smartphone, but without any Internet connection, I think this will probably change because it’s just a bit easier, I would be better accessible and it would cost less. I personally think that in 5 or 10 years the Dutch saying “a day not laughed is a day wasted” will turn into “a day without Internet is a day wasted.” Because I cannot think of a future without Internet.