Like many other things, the growing importance of the Internet and computers are two sides to a simple time-consuming but difficult necessary procedure.
For instance:
The search for information, purchases of clothing, contacts with friends, photos, MP3 collections, addresses and documents. All this information stays within the computer. I find it very enjoyable that all this information can always be stored on a (smaller) computer.

Simultaneously, and that is the second part, related to the growing importance there is also an increasing focus on the computer and the Internet together.
Is it really necessary to announce to your 140 Facebook friends that you just got up?
Does one need 140 Gigabytes MP3 Music so they can hear different music for 20 days nonstop?

I think a life without a computer, although a bit complex, one can easily compensate. (Something that earlier generations showed).
The main point is yet again the necessity to deal with each other on a more personal level. To care for friendships and contacts in a natural and humane way.