In 1980, when I was still a nursery-class teacher, the first computers were introduced to the nursery classes. There was much discussion whether this would be good for the little ones. I was against it from the start. I feel that one deprives oneself from creativity and communication skills and feelings by using the computer. A toddler paints, reads picture books, watches a puppet theatre, talks in the circle, listens to the teacher at story time and uses all senses and feelings the Creator has given us.
I have a son, who is 30 years old now, who, when he visits me, asks me how I am while apping, sms-ing, internetting or facebooking on his mobile phone. I threaten him by saying; ‘If you won’t put that thing away, you can leave.’ He then moves to the other room, where he himself has installed a computer. From there he sends his Hotmail.
In short, my frightful prediction has come true. I no longer communicate with him. Dear folks, don’t be tempted, go for a walk through the woods and enjoy all beautiful things instead of staying lonely in a stuffy living room.