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I have an unstable relationship with my computer. Essentially I could argue that it’s two-folded. On one hand I am sadly addicted to it. It’s very easy to blame my job for this addiction, but honestly with some effort I could survive and preform as well as I do now even without using Internet. On the other hand, although these days it is almost unconceivable to imagine life without Internet, I do realize how unhealthy being continuously connected can be.
Since I live far away from my family and friends, Internet is an invaluable tool. However, I often feel that it actually harms interpersonal relationships. For instance, writing an email is much faster and convenient than writing a letter, but one will never experience the same emotions or empathy when reading it.
In many respects Internet enables us to make better decisions, to make more informed judgments, to stay in touch overseas. Think about countries where national media is manipulated! In such cases, online information is much more reliable. Nevertheless, I truly believe that social networks change our mindset in an undesirable manner, making us appreciate less simple joys of daily life.
To sum up, it’s only up to us whether we allow Internet to ease our lives or to take over our lives! As long as we don’t overuse it, it should be a very helpful tool.