I remember quite well how the connection to the internet was made by using the regular telephone line… Sometimes we had to wait for an hour or more, before receiving a response… 15 years ago; it took a very long time. Around 10 kilobyte per second, incredibly slow, but at least there was actual contact through the internet. So how is it possible to see everything in a distant part of the world by simply clicking a button? The Internet was actually a symbol of wealth at the time. The Internet was not for everyone. Whether or not you used the Internet depended on your finances and technological possibilities. After a relatively short time, more technology became available throughout the country. The mobile phone and computer were rapidly introduced into every home. It made communication through the Internet much easier. The Internet demanded more and more time both at work and at school, as well as when meeting up with friends. It actually became the way to follow the news. It is also a method of finding out something. Each question was asked on Google. For the majority, the questions were about our lives as Syrians, about what was happening in our country and how we could escape from that high-risk place. Nowadays, we are aware of the importance of the Internet. Even now, it is sometimes difficult to communicate through the internet due to the lack of electrical power and/or the bad connection. The Internet has helped us to understand what we need to do, how we should do it and where we are heading. The Internet is one of the most powerful media that has helped many people to survive. I now remember my first introduction to the Internet some 15 years ago and how it has become an essential part of our daily life. I do wonder what the situation will be like in 15 years’ time; will I be living without the Internet?