My every day life and internet. Hmm. I would say my every day life is full of internet. I realize most what internet means to me, when I am cut off – or even just have slow access. I feel kind of handicapped, as if I couldn’t walk properly.
Some people might find that weird, but internet to me is more than just technology or some fancy extra thing that one uses but does not necessarily need. Internet is life, internet is communication. And I need communication, just as I need food or sleep 🙂
Internet enables me to make friends, to keep in touch with friends, but apart from that I actually created the job I do through internet. Internet made the small project I founded with friends 7 years ago grow to an international network with today members in 180 nations. Through the internet platform we founded these people get in contact and learn about and with each other. Through internet we reach out to thousands of people all over the world on a daily base, and we help building.
In the past 7 years there are things that happened just due to internet in my very immediate environment that are kind of crazy to realize. I know people who actually moved across the world or got married just because of the internet platform I created with my friends. How funny is that?
I personally have been able to meet friends through internet who have changed my life and who have become really important and influential in my life – just because of internet.
Just one example: 7 years ago I met a lady in Canada through Youtube. Through Skype and Email she became a dear friend to me, even a mentor and eventually also a partner in our project. I trust her and dare to talk to her about simply anything – and that although we have only met once in life in person.
That’s why I love internet. It makes my life richer, it makes my life easier, it gives me chances on a professional as well as private level that I would have never had without internet.