21st century is known as the technology era. Scientists, through the help of computers, have changed the way humans think and their nature, it of course has made them lazy but there are too many plus points to care about the laziness. Cell phones, trains and planes have just made our lives so much easier, millions of miles can be covered so easy through all these means or you can talk to someone halfway around the world in seconds. During this time-period, if a person doesn’t know much about computers they are just flat out considered illiterate, because of computers us students have a new motivation to learn.

Entertainment is by far my favourite that I think computers have to offer, because u can view so many movies or videos online and even a little child could easily download a song from the Internet. It offers plenty programs like MS office, java etc. With the help of computers it’s so easy for students like us to make presentations and projects. Although I feel I get distracted from Facebooking too much.

After saying all that I consider that I still have to learn a lot about computers.