I like to tell that when I was in class IV and I was nine year old I saw the computer for the very first time. It was then new and included in my subject course. While seeing the computer the first thing that came into my mind was that it was something of modern technology. It was difficult to operate but it interesting to learn about it.
Today, I use the computer in many ways.I use M.S. Office, M.S. DOS, Q.Basic programming, Java Programming and Internet.
Whenever I got an assignment or a project during my school days and now in my college days I go to the cyber-café because I don’t have computer at home. And through Internet I find the material, images and video of what I need and it makes my work easier and more efficient. Through Internet I downloads songs, albums, movies and video clips and also play games. Chatting on Facebook is something I like too much.

Computers and Internet make my life easier and more entertaining. I’m always interested and excited to learn about computers and Internet.