As a professional working in the development sector, I need a computer and Internet almost everyday. At least 8 hours a day. Computers + Internet are like a living library, a friend where I could ask things I forget and do not know.
Google helps me a lot; I do not have to look for a book in the library (mine or public) just did and bingo!!! All I need to know is there and I could continue my proposal, article or presentation.
Computers provides smart calculations with Excel, a very difficult task of long lists complicated tables would be done in a very short time.
Computers helps me to keep in contact with old & new friends, though sometimes it takes so much time to keep in touch with so many people in a day. In contrast I found my life more relax and happy when I detach from the computer and Internet. I love my time as I would do gardening, cooking, make some art works, meet people, just hear the wind or look at the green rice fields.
I could not leave the computer + Internet for my professional work, but I need sometimes a complete separation with this device.