There were some events that separated time between “before” and “after” it. For example, before/after 9.11. Or, before/after human beings know how to use fire. etc… This kind of events would totally change the life “after” it by breaking past values or common senses. Computers and Internet are one of them. It has changed social systems such as goods distribution, enabled everyone to put out their messages whoever they’re professionals or amateurs and renewed the concept of time/space. We appreciate its value especially we’re out-country, like me in the Netherlands, apart from Japan.

It is said that convenient things always have trade-offs. Does Internet have one? For now, it just seems to have more benefits than disadvantages.

Still, I have some doubts about current development of computers and Internet.

One thing is that computers are excessively oriented toward visual information. Of course, eyes are essential to see the screen, but the physical surface of hardware is actually becoming just smooth, for instance, touch panel keyboards. I’m afraid that we cannot do anything without eyes. In fact, people who have visual impairments are having troubles with these technologies, I imagine. At the same time, I feel like other senses such as touch or smell are slowly being lost. If there is further development of hardware, it would be about how to connect other physical senses with the digital world.

Another thing is that search methods are too much limited to words and languages. If we want to search something on google, we have to type the word in the language we know. We cannot search something beyond the realm of language. It’s enough when it’s about word information. However, when I try to search pictures for example, which happens very often especially because I’m studying design, I sometimes feel that changing the image of picture to the words is frustrating. If another search methods were invented, (I cannot imagine what it would be like…) it would lift the restrictions that have limited human beings since they acquired languages. (or “since (after)” Tower of Babel was destructed…)