Currently, I am a graduate student at the faculty of Informatics, FON University. Using a computer and Internet takes a big part of my life. As a graduate student, I can notice the growing number of people that are using smart devices in their daily lives. The use of computer and the Internet had made my life and my everyday activities significantly easier. It helps me to finish the things I planned faster – something that I couldn’t do without this technology. To be honest, it’s really interesting while I am writing this letter. I haven’t written analogue letters for years. Even though I must confess that the use of the Internet and computers make my life easier, I still prefer to read a real analogue book. The feeling is quite different. It’s really different to hold a real book in your hands, instead of a digital version on a computer. After all, I am really satisfied that I live in the digital era, where everything is just a few clicks away. I am really fascinated by new innovation and technological breakthroughs and I hope that in the future I will be one of the people that contributes to the development of new technologies.