The ability to endlessly save and the ever shrinking size of digital information has made ‘modern man’ suffer from digital incontinence. Everyone makes 1001 photos of a beautiful bird to eventually choose the best one, only that choice never happens. Thousands of songs on your Ipod, as many friends on Hyves as you could possible get, weird video clips on your profile and so on. It is a platitude, as so often said. It makes appreciating quality more and more difficult. I really hate the fact that people don’t know the slightest things anymore because everything always is ‘Googleble’.
It’s embarrassing that you make so many spelling errors without any spell check! People don’t know any more routes because the TomTom is always present. I find it ridiculous that a ‘copy-paste’ culture has risen and authenticity is nowhere to be found. Journalism has turned into a Google repeating system. It’s digital capitalism: more and more useless possessions meanwhile knowing nothing. It makes me mad!
For now all this information creates chaos which has to be rearranged to order. First the computer was a useful tool to process information, now it is a clustered mess of information, with the internet as it’s peak. That’s the big picture, from order to chaos and then something rigorously must be done to regain peace and order. Those waves are everywhere and will always be visible.