My digital slave drivers are the texts that I write. (Three articles and a book.) I’m from the era of the typewriter and I remember how much fun typing was! I wrote at most 3 versions, adjusted with Typex and you were done…

Now with the endless possibilities of the PC, I’m already at version 85 of that article which has to be completed in June. Every time I edit it, it’s a new version. And if you’re very obsessive you keep some of the old versions in a folder. For each text, I now have a folder with at least 6 versions. Terrible.

So not only social media gives stress, I only use Skype, but also ordinary typing. Anyway, nice to see that these letters will also create an archive system: you have a version and a I have a version. I used this kind of carbon paper when I still wrote handwritten letters. Then I wrote each letter twice, so that I always had an elegant version. This is in contrast to the present, in any case, I only had two versions, not like today with my version multiplier called Apple. My version addiction actually began at a fairly young age: because, which of my students actually writes more that two versions?
Have you ever edited a text in such a way that you reached up to version 85?