Since 2002 I have a long distance relationship (> 5000km). The first year we wrote emails and once a week we called each other. Those were precious moments, emotionally and financially. If the period between visits became too long, the other faded more and more, only a small photo and an occasional voice remained. Each time we had to get used to each other again.
And came then Skype. At first I didn’t trust it, how can it be free? I didn’t know any one else who used Skype. But Skype became comfortable very quickly. From that time we kept talking to each other between visits.
Contact through Skype resembles contact in real life, with babbling about nothing, about the news and the weather, fighting, joking, making up again, having deep conversations, pouring out your heart and listening to stories.
Recently we also started using video. Not always because video can sometimes get in the way of a good conversation. For years now we don’t have to get used to each other anymore.

When we are together I sometimes miss Skype. Then I go to another room and I start Skype just to hear how he’s doing. I associate the incoming call tune of Skype with the feeling of stopping with everything I’m doing and having the daily hour of quality time.
Without Skype or a computer, I might have been alone for years now.