I use Internet every day, all day long actually. I have had a smartphone with Internet for about a year now, which ensures that I can be online every moment of the day. Although I have always tried to resist the increasing digitalisation, every time I eventually failed. (Facebook, phone with Internet etc.)

In the past I used to call and text a lot, now I use the increasingly cheaper WhatsApp and Facebook. I do this at least every hour (if I don’t have very important appointments or something like that), and if I have connection problems and cannot be online, I can be pretty stressed about this. Besides my private life, I use the Internet the whole day for my study. So if I cannot be online this creates stress. This way I can, to my regret, only say that my life revolves around the Internet. Everything, both my professional and private life goes through Internet.

Sometimes I fantasise about a world without Internet. That would be so quiet. But during almost my entire life I have had Internet so the lack of easily searchable knowledge will be the biggest lose in my life I think. Furthermore, I would miss my contacts, which I would not be able to maintain without Facebook. On the other hand, the contact that you would have, would feel less superficial. It seems to me that for a younger generation this would be an improvement because the social pressure on Facebook seems to be increasing. About your question; is my life without Internet really better? After considering the “pros” and “cons”, I would have to say that it’s still difficult to determine.