Internet often feels to me as ‘Fast-food’ – accessible, seductive & functional. Eventually you feel miserable. For me there are few moments where Internet feels like a good three-course meal. It’s mostly functional, but it delivers little experience. I often think that the overflow of useless information is very energy consuming and a waste of time. How many hours have gone to waste where I could, instead, train my mind and not let it drain itself by using the Internet?
Internet is like a mass addiction and disturbance element for communication in the physical world. I think it’s especially sad when people, who are in the same room, don’t have a conversation because everyone is aimlessly clicking on the Internet!
The times I most appreciate the Internet is when it’s used as an intermediary for the ‘real’ world, e.g. Skype or Post Crossing. As a result I get more interesting mail in my physical mailbox than in my digital mailbox. When I was on vacation last year there was a time that I didn’t have Internet (and a phone). Did I have a hard time? No. Would I have trouble in my daily life without the Internet? Yes, most likely.