1. Please tell me about your surroundings?
2. What is your opinion about computer and Internet?
3. How many times do you use computer and Internet in your neighborhood?
4. What is your purpose when using the computer and Internet?
5. If you have your own computer, will it change your daily life?


1. There is a house, church and a government of the village. The name is Desa Nalagtna Listrik Kurima, Kabupata Jahukimo, West-Papua
2. In this village there is no Internet and no computers
3. Because there is no Internet and no computer there is no one who uses it.
4. I have never tried to use it before because there is no Internet.
5. Communication here is really difficult because there is no computer. I know that Internet can communicate but I have never tried it. Because there is no Internet at Kepala Kampung (head of village)