In my opinion, the computer and Internet are very important in this progressive era. With the Internet we can enhance our knowledge in an easy way, without particular books. This means that with the Internet we do not only know about matters around us, but also in our society or from other countries.

Especially for teenagers who are students or collage students the computer and Internet is very important for finding references, doing tasks or communicating with a lot of people. Thus, without going anywhere we still can have a lot of friends from many places. Not only for teenagers but also for employees and other people. In Indonesia today there are only certain groups of people who have a computer and use the Internet. For some people such as the working class the computer and Internet aren’t an important thing.

More or less the computer and Internet influences my daily life, my lifestyle, fashion and many other things. However, for certain things the Internet also has a negative impact, because of its size it also has many forbidden sites that are uncontrolled.