The computer is one of the media that helps us to gain information about many aspects of life. The development of the Internet is very good because with the Internet we can find many friends from other ethnic groups and we can also get accurate information.

However, many users misuse the internet, for example when students or children who are not old enough open the internet just to watch movies or open pictures that they are not allowed to see (porn film or porn pictures). Because of the development of the Internet our development here is more progressive.

Having or not having a computer and Internet influences our daily life because having a computer and Internet is very good. We can play games, chat with friends, read news from inside or outside the country. Every time we need any information I can open Google to find the information I need. However in Asmat, especially in Distrik Atsj there are many people who still don’t know about the cyber world because the facilitation is very poor, even though in Atsj we already have Internet, many of us haven’t understood it yet.

I really hope that in the next several years Distrik Atsj could be more progressive. Because with the Internet we are able to know more about the progression and growth outside the Asmat area or even abroad.