Having the computer and Internet has made the pace of life so fast that everyone seemed to be working every waking moment. With the Internet & computer, the distance between people is no longer important but the time differences have allowed one to pass on their incomplete work to another colleague in a different part of the world who is just waking up and answers are compiled for the clients before they get into work the next morning. Is this a bane of boon?

Clients are expecting faster and faster replies…. Gone are the days when at the end of a working day all work can be left at the desk and there will be no way to get hold of you. Computer and Internet are supposed to make our lives easier but it seems like the opposite is happening as every second of the day can be used now!!! It is sad, as nowadays if I don’t get an email for half a day, I will start to panic and want to check if my mail servers are up or the ISP is down… Even when on holiday, the first thing I check is the availability of Internet access at the hotel… 🙁