The Internet and computers are becoming increasingly more important in our lives, since the majority of people depend on them for their everyday life, in their workplaces and in their personal lives. Our way of communicating and gathering information has changed radically thanks to the Internet. Today we can purchase items without leaving the house and we don’t have to pay attention to opening hours.

From an ecological point of view, we save paper, since we have direct access to the information from the computer, without the need to use paper. On the other hand I see that personal relationships deteriorate because there is fewer face-to-face contact since we depend on the computer and the Internet to communicate.

Life without a computer or the Internet would affect me in my daily life because the computer is the tool for my work and I dependent on programs to get my job done and the Internet to communicate with customers. The Internet gives me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and the ability to communicate with my friends and family in an easy and comfortable way.