– Importance of computers: I think computer technology has its evolution. So it is just natural that there is progression in function, skills and size of computers. To me it is also natural that computers are part of our lives. In the future I wonder how many media can be combined within one. But I myself prefer to keep it divorced. For example, cameras in mobile phones are never as good as a digital camera.

– Importance of internet: when I remember my first contact with the internet in the 90’s, there was not much information on it. The more information it has, the more important it is to us. It is great to get all the information from the Internet and also having the option to value the information with other sources on the Internet. But it is also scary to see how my life (and many others) depends very much on the Internet.

– Daily life: Without computer/ Internet my channels of communication would become very slowly. As a librarian I deal a lot with online information, also the catalog is online. If not, my job would become boring and complicated. Also the flow of information would be so slow that scientists and students would need a lot of time to finish their work. For the private life the biggest disadvantage would be the communication with friends who are not in my inner circle. Even news and finance transactions would not be that easy.