With out a doubt, computers and the Internet are important factors in our society. Their importance grows from day to day just like their extensions. The Internet has changed the way we communicate and it makes the (almost) immediate exchange of information possible. The world and what is taking place is more than ever within reach of more and more people.

However, this tool has its drawbacks. The Internet has become an everyday activity. Organisations (sometimes) have access to private email addresses and bombard them with propaganda, piracy, or send illegal material, these are just some examples. I plead for more regulation, with special attention to the social networks, being correctly applied.

Not having a computer / Internet would obviously affect my daily life. On one hand, professionally, because I need daily access to my electronic mail and the Internet. On a personal level the Internet helps me to communicate with family and friends (mainly because I do not live in the city where I grew up) through e-mail/Facebook.

For me Internet is an important tool for banking transactions, storing information (such as flickr.com for storing photos), keeping track of information about what is happening in the world, and making certain purchases (airline tickets, ebay , etc.). No access to the Internet would for me mean that I have to look for another way to achieve (or rather, go back to the old way) my daily work (the phone to maintain contact, purchase tickets at the office concerned, newspapers purchasing, etc.).