I feel that nowadays people need to have a computer or else they are left behind by society. I don’t think that we have a choice not to have a computer + Internet.
I have used computers in my work since the early ‘90s and now that me and my partner run our own business it’s essential for us to be computer literate.
In many ways the computer has made some of our work easier, for instance we have a website and that web presence is how people find out about our small business. A website is a fantastic tool for reaching people. We live in a fairly remote area of Wales and so the Internet links us to people all over the world. Be it for attracting business to our independent hostel, the old school or for us to find out information that helps us to do our business

We use the computer + Internet less for our personal life, but is has still enriched our lives. We like to listen again to radio programs we could not hear when they were broadcasted, and it is a great source of information. As yet we have not become involved in “social media” applications and are wary of them. We enjoy face-to-face contact with our friends and neighbours and do not want to lose this rich element of life. For this reason we also limit the amount of shopping we do online.