[sic] My computer distributes information like my brain, it networks like my eyes, I understand the world through them. I publish personal information through the network and let the world know me. Through the network, I can choose to collect much-needed information, while my family did not have a TV set.

Answers for many questions are stored on the network, like nutrients, they let me grow, make progress, and keep in touch with the world. If I do not have a computer, I cannot start work. Through the computer, we can modify graphics to perfection. Through the network, we can make friends in greater range, we can buy cheaper goods and those that you cannot buy in the market, we can watch free movies, and share free resources. If people do not have computer, their rhythm of life will be much slower.

People can rely on computers and networks from the shackles of reality to the virtual world of imagination, to build a dream, and achieve it. From April 2011 to March 2012, through computers and networks, I connected with Fin on the other side of the world and organized the Utrecht College of Art & Nanjing Art College I / ME / MYSELF / workshop. Five young designers — Fin, Vincent, Eline, Pluc and Janneke came to China to teach Contemporary Dutch graphic design, and with 30 students we spent three weeks having a good time like a dream. You can even see them gives me the positive energy of the universe from my recent screen-printing works.

Every day I need to use the computer for a long time, radiation and light of the screen causes some damage to my facial skin, sometimes serious allergy on my face made many red rash which no medicine can cure. Nevertheless, computers and the Internet is still an indispensable part of my life, it’s like a super collection of energy, I was pleasantly surprised and excited, wisdom and happiness. The history of I interact with computer is another form of my life. Accompanied by computer and network, my life is more exciting, more recent dream. [sic]