• Sorry about the lack of coherence!

What I think about the role of computers today is not important – progress cannot be stopped. Similar to the invention of cars about 100 years ago. When many jobs were lost, but many gained in the new industry – the use of computers will only increase. What we lose (jobs, libraries, stores, etc.) will be replaced by other opportunities. I am concerned about the lack of privacy and the level of violence in computer games that kids play. I would like to see limits placed on the amount of tracking that advertisers use to follow peoples browsing. I have concerns also, about online security for financial transactions. But, since this is such a dynamic technology, I’m sure there concerns will be addressed.

I’ve spent the majority of my life without a computer. Having one opens so many doors to information that would have been difficult to gather using other methods. Without a computer I would spend more time on the phone staying in touch with people. I would dread returning to film cameras, since that would be the only option without computers. But not having a computer would probably be much healthier for me – great reducing the time I spend sitting on my butt, mindlessly clicking. And since computer access and technology is changing so quickly, I would undoubtedly have saved all the money spent on buying new hardware/software, internet services, books, classes etc. etc.