I recently returned to my catholic faith – and by that I mean the practice of – thanks to the Internet. With the large online resources & communities available online, it was easy for me to converse with other Catholics and learn from them. That is the great thing about the Internet. You can find any community just for you to communicate and share ideas. I can talk and converse with people from all over the country – no, the world – that I have never met nor will I ever meet, but the internet has brought us together to talk about what we have in common + teach each other about things we may not know. Being connected like this really does allow for free sharing of ideas. It is the last frontier with many freedoms + unlimited possibilities without restrictions. I firmly believe that the freer one is the more innovations + the more knowledge will be shared. That is the Internet: the greatest place for sharing of ideas + innovation know to man. Why? Because it is free. Because the less restrictions on it, the better it is for us as a society + people. Thank God for that!

(I also love Arrested Development fansites)