As far as I’m concerned, computers and Internet mean a more efficient life. Since my major is art design. Having a computer is more efficient to express my ideas and easier to communicate with others all over the world. It is a useful way for designers to get more attention or to communicate in wider range. Besides that, I can finish some basic part of life conveniently on the net, such as shopping and entertainment.
It is scarcely imaginable; a daily life without computer and Internet. If I don’t have a computer, I have to finish my design works by traditional methods and no longer be able to use any digital elements. At the same time, it will become difficult to show my work or share feelings to others far away immediately. Maybe telephone works too, but it’s just for friends who I have known before, it doesn’t include strangers from the net. In short, computer changed most of my life in a very direct way, especially my major and social circle.
Last but not least, I really can’t accept a life without home delivery services and online meal ordering. It’s miserable :^(