Internet as for many people my age is an addiction. First thing in the morning, last thing in the evening, able to bike half an hour to a friend if mine is down just to check an email. I’m a researcher. I often think how people used to spend going to a library, looking through a research, finding the right page and copying it. There’s no going back and living without it.
But there has been a life without it. I remember the first email you had to pay for, when I was a teenager. My world was smaller. What was important was what I could see. What mattered was really beyond the horizon. When I spend a weekend offline, I become a child again. I forget other people have fantastic lives on Facebook, I forget there is breaking news, I forget how witty and efficient one can be. I get bored and go somewhere. I start wondering what is beyond that path again, I decide I want to paint something and I think ‘see, I should do this more often.’ It’s reassuring to think I’ll have something if the whole thing crashes.
Internet is a little sad at times isn’t it?